Hida-Takayama is a city at the foot of the Northern Alps adorned with history and nature.
Asaichi no Yado Iguchi is located on the banks of the Miyagawa River that flows near the old streets.
We are located three minutes on foot to Sakurayama Hachimangu Shrine – the stage of the morning market and the Takayama Festival in the fall.
This is a great location for heading out to visit Takayama and to see Takayama at night.
Please look out over the beautiful Miyagawa River reminiscent of Kamogawa River in Kyoto,
soothe your tiredness in Takayama Onsen and savor the local cuisine of Hida.

Basic infomation

Oyado Iguci
3-15 Oshin-machi, Takayama-shi, Gifu, 506-0851
TEL: 0577-34-0345 / FAX: 0577-32-4575
Check-in / check-out
From 3:00 p.m. / Up to 10:00 a.m.
Payment methods
You can use JCB, VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, UC, DC, NICOS and Diners credit cards.

Hot spring

The melted snow of the Northern Alps permeates underground over a long period of time and then eventually gushes out in Hida-Takayama as a pure blessing of the nature.
This is the hot spring of Hida-Takayama Onsen.
The baths in our inn are compact. However, if you gently immerse yourself in the bathtub, the hot water will calmly envelop your mind and body tired from traveling.
Please forget the hustle and bustle of the city, stretch our comfortably and relax.
Hot springs can be reserved for private use.
Please enjoy Hida Takayama Onsen slowly.

Men’s Bath

  • Men’s Bath
  • Men’s Bath
  • Men’s Bath

Women’s Bath

  • Women’s Bath
  • Women’s Bath
  • Women’s Bath

Spring Quality

This a hot spring good for skin – it will soften and smooth your skin.
Hida-Takayama Onsen, the source of the hot water in our inn, is weakly alkaline.
It has a high pH of 8.2. Accordingly, it softens and conditions your skin.
It then gives it a smooth shine. This beautiful skin effect is why it is also called Bijin no Yu (Hot Spring Good for the Skin).
If you take a soak in it, it will give your skin moistness and smoothness.
Therefore, please enjoy this hot water that is the pride of our inn to relieve you of the tiredness from your everyday life.


When you open the shoji (paper sliding door) to the restaurant,
you will see a pond in which carp raised with care by the proprietor swim gracefully.
The dishes include Hida beef roasted on a ceramic plate
and an ample serving of assorted kitokito sashimi from the Sea of Japan in Toyama.
You can choose from reasonable, standard and upgraded plans for dinner.
Enjoy hoobamiso (magnolia leaves grilled with miso and green onions) warmed up in front of your eyes
and then served on white rice – a classic dish of Hida – for breakfast.

  • Meal
  • Meal
  • Meal
  • Meal
  • Meal
  • Meal


You can relax while looking out at the city of Takayama
and the Miyagawa River from our Japanese-style rooms facing the river.
Please choose a type of guest room according to how you will use it
and the number of people in your party.

10-Tatami Mat Japanese-style Room Comfortable for Four People

10-Tatami Mat Japanese-style Room Comfortable for Four People

8-Tatami Mat Japanese-style Room Comfortable for Two People

8-Tatami Mat Japanese-style Room Comfortable for Two People

Compact 7.5-Tatami Mat Japanese-style Room

  • Compact 7.5-Tatami Mat Japanese-style Room
  • Compact 7.5-Tatami Mat Japanese-style Room

Guest Room Equipment and Amenities

Guest room equipment
Air conditioning/heating, television and refrigerator, Ultra high performance air purifier
Hand towels, bath towels, toothbrush sets and yukatas (light cotton kimonos)

Facility Information

Guest rooms
10 (Japanese-style rooms)
2 indoor baths (separate for men and women)
The reception hall serves as the venue for both dinner and breakfast
Parking lot
Space for 10 standard size cars